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Dating rituals england

White is symbolic for peace ( khotso ), blue for rain ( pula ), and green for plenty ( nala ).

A shield that is part of the country's coat of arms appears in the upper left diagonal space.

Survivors of the wars fled into the highlands of what is now Lesotho and, under the leadership of an African chief named Moshoeshoe, formed the current Basotho ethnic group.

Moshoeshoe established fortresses in the mountains and consolidated the Sotho-speaking inhabitants into a nation in the early 1800s.

Both men and women invariably wear the wool Basotho blanket as a cloak, regardless of the season.

The careful selection of color and pattern allows for individual expression.

In 1966 the nation gained independence and the constitutional monarchy of Lesotho was established.

At the end of the twentieth century these figures could alter rapidly as the HIV/AIDS crisis impacts the general population.

The lowlands in the west and south rise from forty-five hundred feet (fifteen-hundred meters) to the highlands of the Maluti and Drakensberg mountain ranges whose highest point, Thabana Ntlenyana, is approximately 10,400 feet (thirty-five hundred meters).

Lesotho is unique as being the only nation in the world with all of its land situated more than 3,280 feet (one thousand meters) above sea level.

Most Asians are traders while the Europeans are businessmen, technicians, government officials, missionaries, and teachers.

The highlands are sparsely populated with most of the administrative headquarters and towns located in the lowlands area. Sesotho, or Southern Sotho, is spoken in Lesotho as well as in parts of South Africa.

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A long rainy season during the summer months (December to February) combined with freezing conditions in the winter (June to August) creates adverse travel conditions which isolate much of the highland areas.